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Jar Jar
RACE: Halfling, formerly Orc
ROLE: Priest of Chauntea

Long ago Jar Jar was a barbarian in an orcish tribe who was chasing after a group of adventurers to kill them. While he watched his tribe members get easily killed off, one-by-one, Jar Jar decided to see if the humans would grant him mercy so he surrendered. Thus began Jar Jar's life as a pack mule.

After months with these humans, Jar Jar began to find a higher calling that manifested itself as Chauntea, goddess of the earth. Heeding that call Jar Jar started to become one with nature and was granted spells by his new god.

While learning to fight for the side of Good, Jar Jar was slain in battle. His friend Duncan, not wanting to see him die, carried his body for miles until they came across a Druid. The druid could grant the orcish Jar Jar new life, but could not guarantee what form that life would take. A deal was struck and Jar Jar returned to fight the Good fight as a halfling, which strangely fit his child-like nature.

  • Was one of the people present when Nightbringer was imprisoned in a gem by Nightbringer.
  • Told Robhim that there is a prophecy about a Great War between Good and Evil, though he isn't allowed in those meetings.
  • Really likes Robhim.
  • Cured Lukas of the Blindness spell that Keth Godsclub cast on him.
  • Informed Robhim that Yondbé was using the death of the king as an excuse to retire, off-island.
  • Helped the party attack the devil elf stronghold on the island, where Alyssa was rescued.
  • Helped the Warriors of the Morning Breeze defeat Janus.

Character Sheets

Jar Jar's character sheet from Borderlands

Jar Jar/Character Sheet