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LRC:Lucan Thomas

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Besides his lazy eye, Lucan is a well-kept paladin of the Order of the Golden Cup. His speech is a bit slow but his heart is pure.

  • Met the PCs in a seedy bar in Scardale while Lucan was searching for his brother, Timmie Thomas.
  • Told the party that Timmie was one of a short of list of people blessed by the good gods to balance out Nightbringer and lead the fight against the forces of darkness in the Great War between Good and Evil.
  • Lucan is fully convinced that Nightbringer is going to be set free upon the world again and wishes his death.
  • Revealed that Timmie's family name wasn't always Thomas, at one point it was Lightbringer.
  • Was found also questing for the Ring of the Waves.
  • Died fighting the siege crab while trying to escape the realm of the Dolphions
  • Older brother of Timmie