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LRC:Mystery Man

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Real name unknown, referred to as "Blue"
RACE: Human
ROLE: Divine Caster
Formerly played by: Brian

After the Seluné's Light sunk and while the party was in combat with a powerful spellcaster, a large thunderstorm rolled into the area suddenly. A bolt of lightning shot down, transforming into a naked human fiercely gripping a falchion. Landing unconscious in the sea, the party rescued him.

  • Has taken the name Blue, as in "he came out of the blue".
  • Has severe amnesia
  • Falchion radiates moderate magic
  • Appears to be a follower of Anhur, like Robhim
  • Capable of casting Resistance, Ray of Hope (BoED), and Lesser Vigor
  • Was found also questing for the Ring of the Waves.
  • Asked Robhim, a cleric of Anhur, for forgiveness for not believing in that Robhim's group was doing the work of Anhur. After being forgiven by Robhim, he rejoined the party.
  • Died while defending Scarletstone from an arcane ooze.
  • Appeared after Robhim was raised. He blessed everyone in Anhur's name and took Glory, as it's work was done.

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