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The Court of Lone Rock City is a collection of nobles who mostly were appointed by Lord King Dac'Angelo on the founding of the nation.

Dark Dogs

The Dark Dog Clan is a hive of highly trained martial kobolds who live in the Dark Woods. Led by the mysterious werepanther Netsuo Nishi, they thrive on conflict with the nearby elves of Tolea'Fuin.

Hands of Tyr

The courts of Lone Rock City are overseen by a collection of judges named the Hands of Tyr. The Hands of Tyr enforce the laws of the land and handle the day-to-day matters that require judgement. High crimes are tried by the king. Most the Hands are devoted to Tyr, but not all are, and it is not a requirement to worship Tyr to serve as a judge.


The Liberators believe that they are freedom fighters, seeking to overthrow the monarchy in Lone Rock City (LRC) and replace it with Faerun's first true democracy. The watch refers to them as "a thieves' guild with good PR". The group was very active during the reign of Dac'Angelo until his assassination put Talen on the throne. In the first few months of his reign, Talen had divined the locations of many of the leaders of the movement and it's influence in LRC has dwindled dramatically.

Meadmaker Clan

The Meadmaker Clan is the clan of dwarves who work the mines on the island of Lone Rock. They are a hardy but respectful group. In addition to working the mines, the dwarves have built many of the fine houses in the city, and several dwarves sit on the council for the maintenance of the city's roads.

Pastoral Garden

The Pastoral Garden is a secular group of Chauntean faithful who maintain the Lone Rock City court garden, which is one of the largest and most extravagant gardens in Faerún. They accumulate knowledge about the strange flora and fauna on the island, which involves knowledge of both the natural world and alternate planes of existence.

Members information
Responsible for tending the master garden on the court grounds
Go into the wild to accumulate knowledge about the plant life on the island
Gain reduced divine casting cost (25% discount)
+2 to Knowledge (Nature) and Knowledge (Local) checks to recognize creatures


The Watch of Lone Rock City is the civilian police force of Lone Rock City. Serving the community, the Watch makes certain that laws are enforced, serve as guards at the city gates and public buildings, and generally assist in times of emergency or disaster.

Must have taken the Oath of Citizenship
Willing to put in at least three, 8-hour shifts a tenday
Not convicted of a major crime in LRC, or affiliate cities
Magic items permits are only 5% of item value (instead of 10%)
Quicker access to divine and arcane spellcasting
Paid 1 gp per month
+1 to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks with Lone Rock City citizens
While wearing the Watch uniform and having badge visible, weapons do not have to be peace strung.


The woodsmen are primarily elves, led by the half elf Jones Henrysson. The elves are apparently expert archers not to be taken lightly and Jones fights like a madman. Jones might even be a madman. He seems severely traumatized by being abandoned by his allies after being captured and nearly dying while escaping.

Also, it should be noted that there is something or somethings that the Woodsmen must keep fed. Jones is not someone I want to see facing me as an enemy.