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LRC:Ren Tidebringer

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Ren Tidebringer
TITLE: Former General of the Iron Men
RACE: Human
ROLE: Secondary everything
GROUPS: Iron Men
Formerly played by: Lonnie

A paladin of Tyr in his early 30s with a deep tan and golden blonde hair. He wears white robes and has a longsword strapped to his side as well as a belt with components for spells. His Moonshae Isles accent comes through periodically and he favors the use of the word "dude". He cast the spell that encased Johnathan Nightbringer into the gem prision in which he sits for the next year.

  • Paid the PCs for delivering the box which contains the prison gem of Johnathan Nightbringer
  • Doesn't believe that Nightbringer will bring about the final war between good and evil
  • Adventured with Janus and trusts him to keep his word
  • Paid the PCs to find a friend and fellow adventurer of his, Ruha, who had gone missing
  • Rewarded PCs for finding Ruha's body
  • Died in the mines.
  • Ran interference so that the Warriors of the Morning Breeze could defeat Janus.