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Roscoe Whisperfingers is a halfling spellthief who is to mentor Brennel on how to use the Gift of Brandobaris. Member of the Church of Misadventure (Brandobaris' Church). Has connections with a group named the Liberators.

  • Agreed to teach Brennel to use his ability
  • Gave the PCs an address and contact—Fyodor—for finding information on Ruha's disappearance
  • Gave Brennel tickets to a gala to scalp
  • Informed Brennel that some people were looking for Simon
  • Hired Brennel to work as watch for a heist that took place in the palace the night of the gala.
    • The heist was a bust, but most everyone got out without getting caught thanks to Brennel.
  • Sold a Wand of Summon Undead II and a Wand of Faith Healing [Velsharoon] for the party.
  • Left the island with a small adventuring group to seek Delicious' lost treasure.
  • After seeing that Delicious' cargo was delivered in Thay, Roscoe returned to LRC to hide out in one of his warehouses.
    • He is not known to be in LRC.