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TITLE: Lieutenant of the Iron Men Special Forces
RACE: Human, Zakharan
ROLE: Arcane caster
GROUPS: Iron Men
Formerly played by: Lon

Ruha is a fire sorceress. She was murdered by Tio Meadmaker, but was True Res'd by the Chaunteans thanks to the party finding her body.

  • Was murdered for an unknown reason by the Liberators. The party found her body.
  • Invited the PCs into a private dimension to tell them about the Devil Elves.
  • Put on fire display for the finale of the Midsummer Festival.
  • Was present at the burial of Dac'Angelo.
  • Robhim considers her a good ally.
  • Ran interference so that the Warriors of the Morning Breeze could defeat Janus.

Borderlands Campaign

Ruha's character sheet from Borderlands