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LRC:Slush fund

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permit Bag of Holding, Type II (100/500max)

GP = 0 gp

  • permit Flying Carpet, 5x5
    Can carry 1 person (200lb), Fly 40', weighs 8lbs
  • permit Dust of dryness
  • permit Slippers of Spiderclimb, with a demon toe-jam funk.
  • no permit Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals


  • permit Mithral Bells (MIC 117, 3700gp, Arms, +2 to Perform, 11 bells that when thrown function as Sound Burst) hung on the inside at the gate for use
  • permit Vest of Resist +1 'worn buy a watch guard on duty

+lots of GP (difference in level between 13th level and 9th level on the "landlord" feat.


  • permit Boots of Springing and Striding
  • permit Wand of Fireball, CL10, 10 charges (bought simon an extra two-wand permit)

+2,915 gp