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LRC:Sunshine Harpell

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Sunshine Harpell
RACE: Human (Harpell)
ROLE: Battle Caster
GROUPS: Character Sheet
Formerly played by: Eric (Future PC)

Sunshine Harpell is mostly normal, at least as far as the Harpell family is concerned. She has a strong dislike for clothes, and can often be seen walking about in a dress made of pure light that emanates from her body.

She shares the common spark of magic that most of the Harpell family has, though she is more inclined to a martial path. When she leaves either the Abby of Lathander or the Harpell School of Wizardry, she makes sure she has her 4 two-handed cleavers strapped to her back.

Rumor is that she was trained and bred from birth to be a scion of Lathander, though she seems to lack any sort of divine spark.

At times she is known to be a tad bit of a ditz, though not to the extent of her cousin, Delicious Harpell.

  • Is a cousin of Delicious Harpell.
  • Is a bridesmaid for Peek-A-Boo's wedding.
  • Was kidnapped by a wedding dress and absorbed into Bridezilla. She was saved by the adventuring party.
  • She has a walnut that she can't open (no one else has had much luck either).