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King Talen Pringles
TITLE: King of Lone Rock City
RACE: Human
ROLE: Archmage

Talen Pringles is the King (formerly Prime Minister) of Lone Rock City. He is known to be powerful in The Art and is reknown for skill at counterspelling. After the unfortunate assassination of Lord King Dac'Angelo, Prime Minister Talen was the leading contender for the throne of Lone Rock City and was eventually coronated..

Talen hired the party to find about a planned coup by the Liberators. He has also expressed a high degree of interest in the party, which most likely will lead to more projects.

  • Was informed that Asper is an elf that disguises himself as human.
  • Cast the following Geas on Robhim, Lukas, Wolfdale, Brennell, Dookette, and Poon: You must refrain from discussing any of the details of your mission to obtain the Ring of the Waves, including my involvement, to anyone but Lukas, Robhim, Wolfdale, Brennel, Dookette, Poon, myself, and anyone else who I approve of, as well as attempt to stop the dissemination of this information by any means neccessary.
  • Was coronated after the burial of Dac'Angelo.
  • Presented the party Lone Rock City's highest honor, the King's Medal of Honor
  • Was stripped of his spellcasting ability by Levistus/Twinkle.
  • Ventured to Tangled Trees with the party as a vanguard.
  • Revealed by Mystra to have sided with the devil lord Levisitus, her gift of life was revoked, with Jones landing the killing blow.