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LRC:Vurbag Deathbreaker

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  • With Tolman Brambleshade, he was seeking the diviner Simon. They claimed to be friends of his. Simon did not recognize them.
  • Was carrying a pin and an evil holy symbol with him.
  • Was placed in jail by PCs in the Watch.
  • The Prime Minister arranged his release from jail, after Talen placed a magical compulsion on him to find out what Asper and the Liberators were up to.
  • Was recaptured after escaping from prison.
  • Revealed that Asper using some kind of magic to change his appearance.
    Once out a'da jail, me go and find Liberaters. Me am not having hard time, as am I orc and we gud for fightin'. An' me being a cleric of dark god help. Me am good in battle, so me quickly promoted into da group. One day me get told to meet sum very impurtant person at a metting and so me go early, so as not to be late. In a'da window, me am seeing an elve talkin' to sum peeple, then place a cap on his head and whoosh, he turns inta Asper. Me told that me am to kill noble, work wit' some fellas to get 'er done. Me no given name of nuble yet.
  • Was slain by Brennell and Robhim while attempting to escape from his chain gang.