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Yeah, so you want to know my story? I’m sure you just want to know what I know about Levistus, but that’s not the deal. I recommend you sit down and buy me a drink; this is going to take a while. Hope you don’t mid if I smoke, because I’m going to anyway.

It starts off in a nice lil town called Halthar in the Priador tharch of Thay. You probably never heard of it. I wouldn’t go looking for it either. All you find are a bunch of empty buildings and a few skeletons, that is, if the Red Wizards haven’t animated them yet.

Life was tough in Thay. I had two jobs just to support my family. I worked as a scribe during the day and a sculptor during the night. Not a good living, but it was one. Had to support my wife Alouette and my son Jayne somehow.

Things wouldn’t have been so tough, though, if it wasn’t for Aznar Thrul and the rest of the Red Wizards not liking those of us that have magic naturally in our blood. Our taxes were twice as high and our treatment was less than stellar, even by the standards the rest of Thay was used to.

Eventually a plague hit our village; some sort of magical plague. Never hear of it you say? Not surprising, considering the fact that Thay is covered by the veil that prevents divination and they are so tight lipped about anything that happens in their lands.

Anyway, this plague seemed to only hit those of us that had natural arcane talent, which turned out to be nearly everyone who lived there, including me. We sent petition to Aznar Thrul, though his response was to quarantine our town with walls of stone and patrols of gnolls.

After this response and when those of us started to pass away we turned to the gods. Halthar was one of the rare places in Thay where we worshipped Helm. We prayed every hour and gave many offering to Helm to relieve our suffering, though our prayers went unanswered. It appeared that the gods didn’t even care for us any more. I decided upon that moment that if our prayers fell upon deaf ears, then the gods didn’t deserve our prayers. I forsook my faith to Helm, and decided to find ears that would me more willing to help.

I went to Bishop the Thaumaturgist to try to contact someone who could help. When I went to his shop I found him lying on the floor with a pallor color to his skin. I didn’t think he’d argue, so I took some tomes from his shelf to find an incantation to find someone to help us out. In case you were wondering, this is where Levistus comes in.

After some preparation I created a gate that for what I could tell led to Stygia. A man stepped forth from the gate dressed in silks. He had pale skin, dark hair, and a goatee. His eyes were solid black and he had pointed teeth. That description sound about right? Good to know.

Short story short, he and I came to a deal that he would take the plague away from the villagers if I agreed to endure the suffering of the entire village. Now, needless to say, I’m not one to trust anyone, especially a devil. I told him to cure me to show that he was able to do so for the rest of the village. He grew a wicked smile, ran his thumb across his dagger-like teeth, and closed upon me, making me consume his blood. The vile fluid burnt as it went down my throat, though I felt my strength regain quickly and the signs of the plague faded from my body. After seeing that disease leave my body, did I really have any other choice but to accept? He said he’d come back in a few days after he had made preparations for the rest of the village.

Three day later he came. More accurately, he descended upon our town. With him there were hordes of devils that ripped people from their homes and threw them through the gate in which he came.

I left my house when I heard the cries and came face to face with Levistus. I tried to stop him, but fat chance at that. Some of his cronies grabbed me and threw me against a wall. They crossed my hands above my head and drove a spear through them, pinning me so that I had to watch as the village was taken away. He even took my wife and son. I remember going into a blind rage at that point, though he said a few things to me. I don’t remember most of it, though he said something about a void and how the village would make perfect subjects or something like that.

The devils finally left, and I pried myself from the spear. I made my way east, sneaking past the quarantine line and crossed the river near Escalant. Hey, where are you going?

I’m more than just some guy holding a grudge, now sit down and listen to the rest of the story and I’m sure you’ll find a little more of interest. Anyway, I gave you some info on Levistus so I need you to do a thing or two for me. Now let’s continue.

Anyway, I eventually came to this place called the Temple of Endless Sorrows. It is a group of monks that try to find truth and understanding through pain and suffering to eventually find healing. Evidently, from what I have been through, they found me to be a natural to their order.

I proved to be so. The training came to me easily and in no time I reached one of the higher ranks of the order.

During my meditation I came into a vision. In a sense, I feel like a reached some plateau of ascension. I saw myself as a scion of pain and suffering, and saw my duty to heal those that know true suffering. A spark flared inside of me, a spark filled full of hate and pain, fanned by the temperance of justice and a desire for healing. The spark slowly grew into a rolling flame and grew and grew until it exploded in my mind.

The other members of the order said I awoke a week I had my vision and miraculously my hands had healed, though they still have the notable looking scars that you can plainly see.

Want to see something interesting? Hey, you, over there. Yeah, come here for a second. I’ll give you ten gold if you stick your hand on the table for thirty seconds. Seriously, I promise if you listen to me you will leave here without a scratch.

Yep, just like that. OK, now hold still, your thirty seconds starts now.

Oh just hold still, the fork has you pinned in place anyway. Now let me ask you, are you in pain and suffering. You are? That’s good. Now tell me, do you wish for my blessing and want to feel your pain no more? Then take my symbol and my blessing.

All better? Hey, your hand is fine now and you made ten gold. Take the experience with you and I’m sure your future sufferings shall feel much smaller.

My hand? Yeah, it bleeds around the scar when I give my blessing. It doesn’t hurt me and as you saw, it heals those that receive my blessing very quickly.

Pretty interesting, huh? I can access divine powers without even giving my patronage to a deity. It sort of makes you wonder if I have reached some sort of divine ascension. Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me any, especially if you look back to the Time of Troubles.

Now here comes what I need. I’ve been doing some research here in Lone Rock City and I found that a group called the Warriors of the Morning Breeze has had a lot of contact with Levistus and I want in. I’m going to get my wife and son back, and my allegiances will be with Lone Rock City if you can lead me toward foiling his plans and perhaps encountering him again.