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Sorcerer Spells and Abilities

Sorcerer Spells: 6/7/4
Caster level 4
DC = 12 + spell level

Close 35, medium 140, long 560


Amanuensis: (SpC p9) Copies 250 words/minute. 4 minutes.
Caltrops: (SpC p42) Creates caltrops for 4 rounds.
Touch of Fatigue: Makes creature fatigues (can't progress to exhaustion). Touch. Fort negates.
Light: Creates 20 foot light. Touch. 40 minutes.
Prestidigitation: Create minor magical effects. 10 feet. 1 hour.


Critical Strike: (SpC p56) Deal +1d6 damage when flanking foe or foe is denied dex. Double crit range. +4 to confirm crits. Personal. Swift Action.
Blood Wind: (SpC p33) Use melee attacks as thrown weapon with 20 foot incrument. Uses melee attack bonuses and damage. Touch. Swift Action.
Shieldabj: +6 shield bonus to AC. Stops magic missles. Touch. Swift Action. 8 minutes.


Escalating Enfeeblement: (CM p 1d6 +2 strength penalty. If target fatigued or exhausted, or one currently affected by a penalty, damage, or drain to its Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution score deals 1d10 + 2. Rays do not stack. Close. 4 minutes. SR.

Cleric Spells and Abilities

Cleric Spells: 6/5/4/3/2/1
Caster level 11
DC = 15 + spell level

Close 50, medium 200, long 800


Create Water: Create 22 gallones of pure water. Close. 11 minutes.
Cure Minor Wounds: Cures 1 point of damage.
Detect Magic: Detect spells and magic items within 60 feet.
Guidance: +1 to one attack, save, or skill check.
Read Magic: Read schools and spellbooks.
Resistanceabj: +1 resistance on all saving throws.


Coldfire: (SpC p50) Changes fire to cold damage. Close. 11 minutes. 5d6 to fire creature (fort half).
Cure Light Wounds: Heal 1d8+5.
Entropic Shieldabj: 20% miss chance vs ranged attacks. 22 minutes.
Resurgenceabj: (SpC p174) Attempt a second save against a spell. Touch.
Updraft: (SpC p228) Move 110 feet up and 5 feet forward. Personal. Swift action.


Cure Moderate Wounds: Heal 2d8+10.
Lesser Restoration: Dispels any magical effect reducing an ability score or cures 1d4 ability damage. Eliminates fatigue or reduces fatigue to exhaustion.
Spiritual Weapon: Fist deals 1d8+3 force damage. +14/+9 hit. Medium range. SR. Move action to redirect. 11 rounds.
Viel of Shadows: (SpC p228) Gives 20% miss chance. Doesn't work in daylight or in area of 3rd level or higher light spell. Personal. 11 minutes.


Darkfire: (SpC p59) 5d6 fire on melee or 120 foot ranged touch attacks. Only seen by darkvision. 11 rounds. SR.
Insignia of Healing: (RoD p166) Heal 1d8+10 to all allies wearing insignia.
Light of Venya: (SpC p132) 2 orbs create 30 foot light. Deals 3d6, 6d6 to undead and evil outsiders, or 1d6+10 healing with ranged touch attack. May fire one or both in a round. One orb reduced light by 1/2. 110 minutes. Medium range. SR.


Recitation: (SpC p170) +2 luck to AC, hit and saves, +3 if they worship me. 60 foot burst on me. 11 rounds.
Panacea: (SpC p152) Cures blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, sickened, and stunned. It negates sleep effects and the effect of the feeblemind spell, and ends any additional effects from poison, as the neutralize poison spell. Cures 1d8+11 HP. Touch.


Crawling Darkness: (SpC p55) Gives concealment. When attacked, attack back at +14, 1d12 damage. +4 grapple, climb, escape artist. 11 minutes.

NOTES: During downtime, will triadspell Insignia of Healing. Following day, will put Stalwart Pact on self. Day afterwards, Crawling Darkness will be re-memorized.