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GP=8,050 gp


  • permit Heavy Mace +2, lucky
  • permit Rune (Crystal) of Energy Assault [Acid]
    Adds 1 point of acid damage to damage done by a weapon that is at least +1.


  • permit Mithral Chainmail +4 10 lbs

Magical Misc


  • permit Amulet of Natural Armor +3
    The case for the jewel of this amulet is that of a large spider
  • permit Vest of the Morning Breeze
    +2 to all saves; 1/day, swift action, whisper a single message to any other person(s) wearing a Vest of the Morning Breeze in line of effect, and they may make a single reply. This vest has swirls of blue in an airy pattern.
  • permit Cloak of Elvenkind 1 lb
  • permit Belt of Dwarvenkind 1 lb

This belt gives the wearer a +4 competence bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks as they relate to dealing with dwarves, a +2 competence bonus on similar checks when dealing with gnomes and halflings, and a -2 competence penalty on similar checks when dealing with anyone else. The wearer can understand, speak, and read Dwarven. If the wearer is not a dwarf, he gains 60-foot darkvision, dwarven stonecunning, a +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution, and a +2 resistance bonus on saves against poison, spells, or spell-like effects.

  • permit Ring of Protection +4
  • permit Boots of Stomping 1 lb Not worn
  • permit Boots of Striding and Springing
  • permit Soulknife's Gauntlet 1 lb

This metal spiked locked gauntlet has a bladeless sword hilt attached to its chain. It confers psychic combat ability upon its owner. The wearer's Mind Blade and Mind Blade Enhancement abilities are treated as a soulknife of four levels higher. If the character is not a soulknife, he gains the Mind Blade ability as a 4th level soul knife.

If donned by a character with the Free Draw and Shape Mind Blade soulknife abilities, the gauntlet reduces the time required to reshape a mind blade to a long sword or bastard sword to a move action.

  • permit Mask of Mastery
    +5 Competence bonus to Intimidate; Command as the spell but not language dependent, standard action 1/day, Will DC 20.


  • permit Ioun Stone, clear spindle (Sustenance) do not need to eat or drink
  • permit Potions permit
    • Potion CMW (2d8+3 healing) x2
    • Potion of Remove Paralysis
  • permit Wands permit(2)
  • permit Scrolls permit (5th max)
  • permit Cogiznace Crystals (x2) (Faint magical aura) 1 lb each
    These cognizance crystals store 1 power point each that can be used to manifest a power. When a cognizance crystal’s power points are used up, the glow of the crystal dims. However, the user can recharge it by paying power points on a 1-for-1 basis. While doing this depletes the user’s own power point reserve for the day, those power points remain available in the cognizance crystal until used.
  • no permit Stench Stone (MIC 186)
  • no permit Celestial Key from Azriel, properties unknown.


  • Thieve's Tools 2 lbs
  • Manacles, MW with avg locks (x2) 3 lbs
  • Dolphin necklace from Elena'Talant
  • King's Medal of Valor
  • 4 copper dragon scales from Aesdraco
  • wooden holy symbol of Azuth

Load 28 lbs/Light load
(<86 | 87-173 | 174-260)