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I missed my ship! Well, I guess you could say that Arther Kean made me miss my ship. I swear, once he and Varissa joined in their venture the cogs of this mercantile machine have seized with the rust of bureaucracy.

It appears that some of the debris that the Younghusband fellow brought with him from the new world is quite interesting indeed. As we all know, I am the new forerunner on the magic alternative development after my mentor, the great Dr. Dolson Gore, was had an "accidental miscalculation" when meeting with representatives of the Church of Heka. Despite the violent pressure from The Church of Heka, I continue on. Magic is dying, almost as if a limited resource coming to an end.

Ah, yes, but to the heart of the matter. Some of the natural mineral deposits brought back have latent affinity to magical powers. Strictly speaking, these appear to be primal powers. So primal, in fact, that they need a conduit to even function. My experiment with the ley lines proved promising, though having functionality limited to a nexus point really limits what we can do.

A stroke of genius hit me after many nights on pondering a new conduit. The human body! Some people are capable of great feats of magic in areas devoid of even the smallest hint of a ley line.

Experimentation on gifted individuals went well at first, though anything more than a small show of power led to a... well... catastrophic end. Needless to say, once the press got word of this finding volunteer became spotty at best.

I decided to so what any good scientist would do; self experimentation. Luckily for me, I was met with great success! I must have misjudged the amplifying power of these materials. Sadly, being the first non-gifted worked on, and doing much of the work by myself, the integration of these materials left me with some heavy scarring. The price of advancement I suppose. Having some bangles forged into my skin doesn't prove much a pretty sight either. I'm sure we can fix this in future experiments as well.

Well, here I wait now for The Stranger's Bride to set sail. Sadly, Miki's Majesty, the ship I was to originally take set sail without me. Yes, that is why I also have very little luggage. Knowing some of the merchants on that ship I won't be surprised if I'll be picked over by the time I can get to my stuff.

So what's your story?