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The following is from folktales, stories of bards, and the counsel of the learned. It is told as truth, but not all may prove to be true.

Empire of Cyrilmoore

The nation of Cyrilmoore has existed on the western coast in one form or another since the Septinity forged the beings of the world. Starting off as farmers in the fields of what is now the breadbasket of the empire, the people of Cyrilmoore warred and negotiated themselves into an empire. The King leads by the divine right granted to him by the Septinity, and is anointed with the oil of his office.

The current king is King Elijah Willister the first and he rules wisely but firmly. In his youth he had a passion for expansion that was satiated only after twenty years of war, in which he added more than a score of new realms to the empire.

DM-d20.jpg DM: Think if Europe were an empire.

Wards, Guardianships, and the Observed

Inside the empire there are many former nations and groups that make up the empire. Even those conquered in war have gained enough in medicine, expanded wealth, and other boons to keep them relatively happy in the empire. These nations are divided into three groups:

  1. Wards: These are entities that have been part of the empire for centuries and have full status in the empire. Their representatives in legislature have full voting powers.
  2. Guardianships: These former nations have been folded into the empire in the last twenty years. They have representatives in legislature with limited voting authority.
  3. Observed: These are nations that surround Cyrilmoore but are not part of the empire. They provide a buffer against attack until the king decides to annex them.

Known Lands within the Empire of Cyrilmoore

The following are listed from east to west.

Silias (city on the west coast)
Not a nation, but listed as a point of reference.
Tourcla Mountains
Home to three nations of stout folk (dwarves) and clusters of human barbarians.
This land is reknown for it's wine and it's warriors.
Homeland of the scout/hunter Dario.
DM-d20.jpg DM Think Italy.
A lose collection of feudal city states on the Northern peninsula of Cyrilmoore.
The only thing they hate more than outsiders are other feudal clans in Nordstaterna.
Pitor hails from Loftstrom, a cosmopolitan and wealthy province.
Sedeq's homeland

The Viceroyalty of Yui-Kama in the World (Yui-Kama Empire)

The stories of Yui-Kama are varied, some saying that he is an ancient dragon, or an immortal emperor-god, or merely an ever reincarnating spirit who leads his people. Nearly nothing is known about the internal workings of the Viceroyalty, even though it's merchants trade as far west as the Tourcla Mountains.

What is truly known, is that the Yui-Kama Empire over the last century has attempt three western invasions, all repelled by Cyrilmoore and allies. The most recent of which was pushed back about ten years ago.

Other Nations

DM-d20.jpg DM: There are other nations in the world, and other power groups. Feel free to add to this if you like.