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Randy's notes. Assumed that this will get merged with the main session recap and then removed.

--Wizardoest (Talk)

Prairie Hole Companion

As we traveled overland we had many adventures together, some fun, some violent.

Prairie Holes

Agofon icon.png Agofon Warbullion Calum is missing and we suspect that he has been swallowed up by the giant glowing holes in the ground. We are cautious as we approach. Karaz wishes to explore and I agree, though I advise caution. I send forth Prying eyes on an hour long recon. I sketch out a map as Karaz waits (mostly) with patience. I then sketch a second map, in case Karaz goes missing while on the search for Calum.

The next day we discover that Calum is not sleeping. I attempt to advise remedies and he gets upset. How was I to know that his bonnet is an magical sleeping aid? I offer my assistance and curse Calum to sleep for 8 hours when the word "Elephant" is heard. I make reasonable efforts to ensure that we are the only two to know the word.

Acorn on the loose

Agofon icon.png Agofon Warbullion Haneet misplaces his acorn while in a marketplace and it ends up nearly baked in a pie.

Thassilonian Rednecks

Agofon icon.png Agofon Warbullion As we make our way through the forest we are accosted by "locals" who are bent on trouble. They converse amoungst themselves in a language that is foreign to me but is known to Calum—Thassilonian. It appears that they trace their family back to Thassilon. Violence is averted through a shared interest.

Ogre Cowhands

Agofon icon.png Agofon Warbullion As we cross farmland a family approaches us, shouting for help. Their livestock and some goods were stolen by a band of ogres. We agree to come to their aid. As we approach the ogres they begin swinging the bodies of cows as clubs at us. I decide, as I usually do, to put the risk of the battle on the opponents, so I weave my spell and enter the gem. From there I proceed to take over the body of an ogre, declaring to Haneet, "Coup de Grace me" as I use my opponent against his allies.

The dead litter the road

Agofon icon.png Agofon Warbullion As we get closer to our destination we find bodies of powerful entities, weeks old. Wyvern. Fire Drake. Haneet is convinced that we have done this through chronomancy. His fanciful daydreams make the travel less burdensome.


Agofon icon.png Agofon Warbullion I am set upon by a pair of gargoyles, raking, slashing, and rending. My companions are under assault as well but I'm nearly powerless to help. I fall into the black quickly, while just as suddenly my eyes open. The terror of the assualt continues and I cloak the area in mist to slow things down. The battle is long and I must admit that I consider going back to being a merchant once more.

Arrival at the Storval Stairs

Agofon icon.png Agofon Warbullion Our arrival is heralded with a wealth of boulders being tossed down the stairs by Hill Giants, who scatter once we arrive at the top of the stair to face them.