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RPM:Face/Armand Girard

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  • During the Senate vote to release the dragon Yaalon, Armand gave the party time to try and find Rosalie and do something that wouldn't involve releasing the dragon.
  • The party protected him from an assassination attempt by Condrol that was facilitated by Jean-Louis Gantier.
  • Despite the repercussions, Armand vetoed the bill to release Yaalon and evacuate the city to get the party more time so they could try and kill Yaalon.

High Concept—Adventurer Returned from a Bygone Era
200 years ago Armand led a legion into a demi-plane and was thought dead, until his return two score decades ago. His return brought lost knowledge back with him that helped the Gunpowder Revolution succeed.
Trouble—Speaks little of what he has seen
There were precious few who returned with Armand and this Gate Legion, as history calls them, have been tight lipped about what was found on the other side of the gate or about how long they were there. This causes Armand a lot of friction as various factions, guilds, senators, etc. seek to exploit what he or his men may know.
Aspect—Figurehead of the Gunpowder Revolution
Armand is voted into office every time the vote comes. With Kuthmaer gone, Armand is the figurehead of the gunpowder revolution as he was one of the key individuals to its success.
Aspect—Mired in Politics
Armand yearns for adventure but instead uses his position as Chairperson of the Senate to stave off the corruption that comes with politics.