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RPM:Face/Florian the inventor

From Drinking and Dragons
High Concept—Engineer working on the edge of science and magic
Florian is renown for his skill at blending magic and science into something that science can understand. His most significant breakthrough are the Geological Propulsion Conductors that take the magic infused in the land and uses it to the wielder’s benefit (most of the time)
Trouble—That might not work right
Florian has so many projects in various states of completion that even he has lost track as to whether or not the device he just gave you will work as intended.
Aspect—Overflowing with ideas
He has an overwhelming number of ideas. He carries with him a large series of notebooks to track ideas and when one strikes he stops everything to ensure that it does not escape.
Aspect—Aggressive Marketer
A keen mind alone is not enough to keep the coins coming. Florian is an astute marketer in the best of times and an aggressive adversary to be in competition with.