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RPM:Face/Irène Darche

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Aspects: Jewelry Thief, Stealthy, Always has a backup plan

  • Spoke with Ehsan about an abusive man who was courting her and her worry that he would show up at the party.
  • Revealed to be the jewel thief who stole the Tashnogen Gem.
  • Was captured and to be tried in Arkstone's court instead of Erthil (for leniency)
  • Had a brief intimate moment with Ehsan in a stall for a favor of information.
  • Was released by Arkstone to work as a spy for them.
  • Asked Ehsan to flee the city with or without her because Condrol was coming to invade in the fall, not the spring as was supposed.
  • Has been going by the name "Mona" recently.
  • Recruited by Ehsan to assist with spy work in Suffimer.
  • Revealed to Ehsan that she killed Ildefons' sister Amanta in the clocktower.
    • Ildefons knows this now.