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RPM:Face/Kuthmaer Olivier

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High Concept—Dragon spirit bound in flesh
As his mountain home shook and his body died from the explosion his spirit flew free, veering from the afterlife (if there is one) and directly into the one responsible for his demise. His spirit is too much for his new body though that is a problem that lay further down the road.
Trouble—Human passions
Being trapped in a new body brings with it new sensations and emotions, ones that his previous form did not have (or in which he is experiencing differently). Thus it is that Kuthmaer can get caught up in the moment, embracing wild hedonism at the expense of his better judgement.
Aspect—Ancient Wisdom
The body is young but the mind is old, old, old. He remembers the Great Coming, the Reign of the Dragon Lords, and more. He has seen, and manipulated, the wheel of history, and still does so with a cunning matched by few other dragons.
Aspect—Leading a resistance back to power
The Sorcier are staunch allies with power and resources but little in the way of support, and so Kuthmaer works to improve that situation so that they may once again grab power.
Aspect—In the body of the one who slew his dragon form
Kuthmaer’s revels in having absolute control over the form of the one who slew him. Where it not for needing the form for his own purposes he would hobble it, though Kuthmaer is not kind to his host.