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RPM:Face/Lisp/Guest PC

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Lisp Refresh 2


High Concept: Frilled Lizard Cargo Captain
Trouble: Acquitted Sorcier Informant
Aspect: Underhanded Dealings
Aspect: Collection of Cultural Knick Knacks
Aspect: Good with a Blade

Game Aspect: Is this the end of the Revolution?
Game Aspect: Zusdarad the Bullfire is coming to destroy Lisway


  • +4 Deceive
  • +3 Weapons, Provoke
  • +2 Lore A&S, Stealth, Athletics
  • +1 Burglary, Contacts, Rapport, Will

Stunts and Extras

Because I am a frilled lizard wildblood, I'm able to respond to threats with a show of force.
Defend physical attacks with Provoke.
Cultural Interests
Because I have a "Collection of Cultural Knick Knacks", I'm able to overcome problems that can be overcome by understanding or knowing about other cultures.
+2 to Overcome rolls with Lore A&S.
Sassy Sassafrass
Because I'm the captain of the "Sassy Sassafrass", of course, I have the ship as a stunt!
Function—Stable Cargo Ship
Flaw—Needs Constant Repairs
Stunt—Once per session, the cargo bay of the ship has an item you need.
Sneak Attack
Because "I'm good with a blade", when I inflict a consequence on a foe I get an extra free invoke on it.
When an opponent takes a consequence from an attack where you use a blade, gain an extra free invoke on it.
Right Tool for the Moment
Variant of Item Summoning
You carry with you a collection of random trinkents and knickknacks, sacks, bags, and etc. If you want to say that you have a simple item with no moving parts that you can hold in one hand, roll Lore A&S against Average (+1) opposition; larger or more complex items will increase that opposition.
While the item you "have" can have multiple parts—for instance, a sack of marbles—you can’t have electronic gadgets, explosives, or items that require precise manufacturing, like firearms. You may only "have" one item at a time, but you can "have" items as often as you’d like.
Increase the opposition by +2 for every other item summoned by you in the scene. You lose objects a few minutes after the scene or when you "find" a new item.
Expense Account (Wealth & Favors)
The organization/guild/company who employs you is willing to cover purchases and loan useful tools to help you with your assignments. Gain a +2 for each Wealth and Favor box marked to Attack or Defense rolls for a scene and describe how the equipment helped you.

Stress and Consequences

Physical 1 2
Mental 1 2
Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty
Extreme 8 empty, may only be used between major milestones and REPLACES one of your current aspects.


Wealth and Favors