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RPM:Face/Odilon Paradis

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  • Aspects: Hero of High Horn Pass, Comes from Wealth, Issues with Money, Betrothed to Alexis
  • He is the Hero of High Horn Pass, where he led a group of soldiers into battle against a small output of Sorcier over the Condrol border.
  • Son of Isabeau Paradis, the senator
  • Bested in a duel by Ildefons. Has a small facial scar from it.
  • In prison
  • Attended Rosalie's retirement party. Is out of prison but under watch.
  • Mandrot spooked him at the retirement party by pointing out Ildefons.
  • Trapped in the Ivory Elephant during the Sillage
    • Was found in another senator's office, drinking
    • Avoiding the party for a while but was discovered by Ildefons and returned to Senator Paradis.
  • Attended the Lussier Estate Dinner Party
    • Drunkenly declared that he was running for the same office as Ildefons, then fell out of a balcony into a rose bush, taking Boner down with him.
  • Reinstated as a full member of the Royal Pride to take advantage of his reputation in the High Horn Pass.
  • Negotiated with the Stag Lady (by threatening to kill Hernaut) to get her to switched sides to Lisway.
    • Was shot by Ehsan "accidentally"
  • Staged "granting independence" to High Horn Pass through use of top-secret RPM illusions to backup the farce
  • Died defending the city from Zusturad the Bullfire.