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RPM:Face/Old Man Morency

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Known aspects: The only retired Lion, Former Member of the Sorcier, Considered Kettleblack my Son

Morency used to be a blacksmith and a soldier before the revolution. As a journeyman he took Kettleblack in and gave him a home and a trade. Watched as the boy grew into a man. “Iosif is the reason that joined the revolution at my late age.”

He served as one of the first Lions until about 7 years ago when a cache of papers was discovered that reveals him to have formerly been a member of the Sorcier. The papers were never verified in court but Morency voluntarily retired so as not to tarnish the reputation of the Lions.

  • His home is in the middle of a clear field that has small tendrils of metal woven into the soil that sets off chimes when folks approach.