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RPM:Face/Renoir Olivier

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  • Killed by Rosalie in the Dragon cave
High Concept—Fallen leader of the Sorcier
When the gunpowder revolution came he was not surprised. He had heard of the burgeoning movement. It was when his brother, his twin brother, burst through the door, pistol in hand, aimed at him, that was when Renoir was surprised. So surprised in fact that his magical countermeasures failed as he fumbled the words. And so it came to be that the head of the Sorcier was taken.
Trouble—Imprisoned for Life
Renoir sits in the top of the tower, with a view of the city of Lisway. He has been in this single room for years. He is afforded more comforts than he expected, a soft bed, chamberpot, and a small mirror and blade for shaving. He keeps himself and his chamber, his “kingdom”, as the guards call it, neat. For what else is he to do with the rest of his days?
Aspect—Stalwartly keeps the secrets of the Sorcier
Across his back are scars that look like a forest of trees in autumn from the whippings. Several teeth, rear ones thankfully, are missing. He survived the starving, the interrogations, everything they through at him and not once did he surrender a Sorcier secret.
Aspect—Bound in heavy chains
Renoir wears a cloak of chains, fastened to his hands, hips, and ankles, that can, at a moments notice be pulled taunt to hold him, helpless, hovering above the floor, in the center of the room. Sometimes the guards do this for fun.
Aspect—Spared death by his brother
His brother’s love was a double-edged sword. Kuthmaer granted him amnesty when the democracy rose to power. “Let Renior serve as a symbol of our power over the Sorcier.”