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RPM:Face/Rhys Samrook

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Aspects: Survivor of Briskadon, Hardier than Most, Involuntary Mimicry, Soldier for the Sorcier

Rhys is a mountain of a man with a thirst for revenge on the Butcher of Briskadon.

  • Has fashioned OneTusk's lost tusk into a weapon
  • Has the ability to absorb an element and take on its qualities.
  • Jumped OneTusk in an alley but had to collapse a building to get away.
    • Lost three fingers as OneTusk ripped them off while he was getting away
  • Sent to jailbreak Zephryine on the day of her trial.
  • Has a steel tooth
  • Broke off OneTusk's other tusk in a fight in La Magie de Prison
  • Is easily provoked into fighting OneTusk
  • One Tusk ripped off three of Rhys's fingers
  • Defeated by OneTusk, Ildefons, and Ehsan in a warehouse fight where they turned him into charcoal. He tried to kill himself with his tusk sword but the party saved him.