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These are historical figures that have been pulled from the Worldbuilding.

Historical Figures


Elikarzadun, leader who brought the dragons into the world
Planted the pilgrimage tree
Herbertus (Dragonkin)
Used charm magic to get the senate to allow demi-plane folk vote as citizens, causing democracy to slip

People, Dead

High Druid of Palimar
Started the Zodiac War

People, Living

Kuthmaer and Renoir are twins, born a caster present during the Great Closing
One of the leaders of the Gunpowder Revolution
Started the Disjoiner's Guild
Taken over by the Sorcier's patron dragon's spirit
Accidentally discovers the methodology to put the dead to true rest.
High Sorcier Alfred
Discovers within ancient texts from Bignon the secrets to powerful magics that push the body to its limits, almost beyond the point of undying.
Florian the inventor
Creates small devices that use stones from the various regions that taps into the variety of magic for that region.
Leader of the lost explorer's guild troupe now returned


Arvad the Bloody
First sentient undead