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Request from Allan: "Should be a friend or lacky of rosalie. Have some kind of gun skills that grew in after losing his magical powers. Very scared and held to secrecy of what happened during the slaughter of the dragon."

Bob (Refresh: 4)


High Concept: Quickest Pistol in Arkstone
Trouble: Prone to Secrets
Aspect: Member of the Treillis D'Espions (Arkstone's spy network)
Aspect: Good Ole' Boy
Aspect: <empty>


  • +5 - Shoot
  • +4 - Athletics
  • +3 - Will, Deceive, Stealth
  • +2 - Lore (Mythology), Fight, Burglary
  • +1 - Contacts, Empathy, Rapport


Rapid Reload
Your speed with a pistol also applies to reloading pistols. Your firearms track is doubled to represent your speed reloading.
Quick Shot
You may interrupt initiative at any time in a round and take your turn as long as it includes you firing your pistol.
Lucky in a Firefight
Get Armor:2 against being shot (bullets and arrows)
Spy Identity
You have a deep-cover identity that you’ve spent years developing, complete with documentation, a residence, a social circle, and whatever else you might need to keep up the charade. Your enemies don’t know about your alternate identity, at least not at first. When you take this stunt, name your alternate identity and give it a high concept and a trouble. Once per session, while in your alternate identity, you can invoke one of its two aspects without spending a fate point.
High Concept—
Dead to Rights
When you hold someone at gunpoint, you can intimidate them by using Shoot instead of Provoke.