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Caisse le Seau (Refresh: 2)



  • High Concept: Commandant-ranked Expeditious Quartermaster
+ Pull rank. QM-related. Efficiency. Trusted.
- When rank is a disadvantage. People will recognize him. Seen as a member of command by some. He hates dilly-dallying (but not rash!).
  • Trouble: Glass Eye
+ Resistance to eye/sight attacks, including illusions. Shows willingness to go through with things to succeed.
- I mean, he does have a glass eye...
  • Always carry a spare.
+ Declaring not disarmed. Having another pistol at the ready for a 1-2 shot.
- Very uncomfortable when needing to have limited items. Beware rickety bridges.
  • That will buff out.
+ Can push equipment, environment, others beyond normal limits.
- Will test things to limits, often returning them in bad condition.
  • Hard-assed Drillmaster Alternate wording: Creature Comforts? Bah!
+ Can sleep on a bare floor with poor conditions with no ill effects. Doesn't tire over long marching distances or bumpy roads. Deals fine with being tortured.
- That fancy dining set? Who needs all those forks and different glasses. I'll keep my boots on, thanks.


+5 Resources

+4 Physique

+3 Shoot +3 Athletics

+2 Contacts +2 Lore A&S +2 Weapons

+1 Burglary +1 Deceive +1 Provoke +1 Rapport +1 Will

+0 Empathy, Fight, Lore Myth, Stealth, Survival

Stunts (7 refresh worth)

Liquid Courage
(non-magical c.f. https://fate-srd.com/venture-city/healing; mega-stunt https://fate-srd.com/atomic-robo/mega-stunts)
Basic Healing: You can make a RESOURCES roll against Fair (+2) opposition to clear another character’s PHYSICAL OR MENTAL stress. A character may only benefit from your ability once per scene. Additionally, you can use RESOURCES to start healing any kind of PHYSICAL OR MENTAL consequence on another character. AS A MEGA-STUNT, THE GM GETS AN ADDITIONAL FATE POINT PER REFRESH. [allcaps are changes from RAW].
Gear up!
Get +2 to create advantage with resources broadly. But these are only boosts (consumable things, usually).
Broad Shoulders, sturdy back
Can make mental attacks with Physique. Represents lots of gear, brass knuckles, etc. But also just generally having an imposing stature.
Tight Grip
Never misses a throw or a catch. Certainly never drops things unintentionally.
Taxpayers' Dime
Extra two additional wealth and favors track boxes. These can only be refilled after a TPS (Tactical Provisioning Status) report is submitted to command.
Can make physical attacks with resources. Always causes collateral damage (a scene aspect).
Hand-crafted Magnum Pistol
Stunt: Additional weapons rating of +2 (so +3 total storess) when stress is inflicted.
Aspect: Packs a punch
Flaw: Custom ammo
Expense Account (Wealth and Favors)
The organization/guild/company who employs you is willing to cover purchases and loan useful tools to help you with your assignments. Gain a +2 for each Wealth and Favor box marked to Attack or Defense rolls for a scene and describe how the equipment helped you.

Stress and Consequences

Physical 1 ▢ 2 ▢ 3 ▢ 4 ▢
Mental 1 ▢ 2 ▢ 3 ▢
Mild 2 empty Scene
Moderate 4 empty Session
Severe 6 empty Scenario
Extreme 8 empty Major milestones; replaces existing aspect.


Wealth & Favors 1 ▢ 2 ▢ 3 ▢ 4 ▢ $ ▢ $ ▢

This condition represents your personal wealth and your influence within society. Mark a box to aid you by leveraging these assets with effects as outlined in the stunts. Recover one box each session as you trade favors and earn capital.