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Florint Bataillon Refresh 3


Concept: Ponderous tinkerer of the Disjoiner's Guild
Detail: Having little magical aptitude through his early schooling, when the Sorcier keeps an eye out for prospective members, Florint turned to engineering to solve his problems.
Invoke: Requesting help or interacting with the Disjoiner's Guild, crafting delightful devices, recognizing the workings of a trap or lock.
Compel: You don't disprove a bunch of snake oil salesmen without making a few enemies. Florint doesn't have a particularly graceful way of pursuing his duties with the Guild. He has left a trail of frustrated phonies across the country.
Trouble: What are the consequences?
Detail: Florint has an easy time breaking a pro and con list into the component parts when he has all the time in the world. Unfortunately this leads to a problematic internal conflict in the moment.
Invoke: To clearly see a potential complication that Florint would see that perhaps Kevin has failed to notice.
Compel: Penalty when given a decision in a time sensitive situation, hide before pride mentality.
Aspect: Does not buy into the politics of the revolution
Origin: This aspect shows Florint's pragmatic view on life.
Invoke: Bonus when resisting social control regarding the revolution.
Compel: Florint has not developed the social capital to influence others regarding the revolution.
Aspect: I'm tired of fixing your gear!
Origin: He believes the group doesn't pay enough respect to the equipment he keeps running for them. Specifically Hugo , that guy cannot keep a cartridge dry!
Invoke: Bonus to repair gear, can assist others in reloading.
Compel: Refusal to upgrade anyone's gear without compelling story reason to (THIS IS WHY WE DON'T HAVE LASERS GUYS), Florint spends too much time off screen making sure everything is up to par. Trust issues with Hugo . I judge people by how they care for their belongings.
Aspect: I need quality control
Origin: Sometimes Florint checks to see if he can make something before he has a reason to do so. His bag is full of "solar powered flashlight" types of inventions. When they are entertaining and safe he gives them away to local children. Occasionally he comes up with a true gem, but he doesn't necessarily know it at the time. Mallory has earned Florint's trust (as someone who routinely cares for her gear).
Invoke: I've got just the thing...Florint gets a relevant tool bonus to a given task
Compel: ...just not that thing. The stealthy lockpick-looking device was also fitted with a loud antitheft siren noise that goes off when you use it, the silencing oil also glows vibrantly...so on and so forth.

Game Aspect: Is this the end of the Revolution?
Game Aspect: Zusdarad the Bullfire is coming to destroy Lisway


  • +4 Lore, Arts & Sciences
  • +3 Will ◆ Shoot
  • +2 Resources ◆ Provoke ◆ Stealth;
  • +1 Weapons ◆ Contacts ◆ Athletics ◆ Deceive

Stunts and Extras

Suitably Advanced Science
Function: Magical Mimicry Machine
By using soil from a depth of 30 hands (3+ meters) you are able to extract, with the aid of this device, the aura of magic provided by the local dragon. Any shallower and the soil may not have been exposed long enough for this device to separate the aura from the earth. At the start of each gaming session, you may choose a power from this list.
You also carry with you a series of specially prepared soil packets. At the start of each gaming session, you may choose two powers and you have those packets at the ready. This replaces any previous collection of packets that you may have had. Once per session you may replace the packet in the device, losing your current ability and gaining the new one.
Flaw: Poorly Processed Packets
As deemed by the GM, sometimes Florint finds out too late that the packet he most recently loaded was NOT the packet he thought it was!
Grounding rod
+1 to will defense rolls against magical attacks.

Stress and Consequences

Physical 1 2
Mental 1 2 2 2
Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty
Extreme 8 empty, may only be used between major milestones and REPLACES one of your current aspects.


Wealth and Favors

You may check off a Wealth and Favor box to help solve a situation where money or connections could help. You gain a +2 bonus or a reroll to your roll. In some situations, these boxes may be used to absorb stress, if it makes narrative sense. Additionally, some extraordinary Resources rolls may require the use of this box.

To clear a checked box you will either have to return a favor or find additional wealth. This may be as simple as an Overcome roll of +4 for each box (rolled separately). It may require finding treasure in a monster's lair to replenish your wealth or be a plot point in the narrative as you do a favor for someone you owe.