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Mandrot the Gifted Refresh 3



High Concept: Firebreathing Dragonkin
Trouble: Owe Money to the Guild of Forgotten Guards (local theives guild)
Aspect: "Rerum Natura Liber Primus", Stolen Book from the Library of Bignon
Aspect: Exiled from Condrol for a Murder He Didn't Commit
Aspect: Expert Naturalist
Aspect: I defend Lisway to preserve knowledge

Game Aspect: Is this the end of the Revolution?
Game Aspect: Zusdarad the Bullfire is coming to destroy Lisway


You'll find a list of skills here.

  • +4 Survival; Lore: arts & sciences
  • +3 Rapport; Will, Provoke
  • +2 Deceive; Fight; Stealth
  • +1 Burglary; Physique; Contacts; Athletics; Weapons

Stunts and Extras

You may use Fight instead of Shoot to target opponents with your breath weapon in your zone.
You may also use Fight to attack with your breath weapon up to two zones away.
Encylopedia of Nature
When you encounter new flora and fauna you may immediately make a Lore A&S check to learn an aspect of the creature or plant.
Expert Naturalist
When Creating Advantage with Lore A&S that is nature-related, gain an additional free invoke on it.
Up and Coming Student
Florance actually gives you some credit for helping with the Sillage and your research on the famine issue. You can use this connection to gain a +2 bonus to obstacles using Rapport involving studies around the famine.
Takes One to Know One
As an accomplished liar, you’re especially able to figure out when someone else is lying as well. You may use your Deceit skill instead of your Empathy skill when trying to figure out if someone is lying.
Familiar Face (Wealth & Favors)
You are known within your social circles. Once per session, upon meeting an NPC in your social circle, you may mark off a Wealth and Favor box to declare that you have met them before and create an aspect with one free invoke to represent your prior relationship.

Stress and Consequences

Physical 1 2 3
Mental 1 2 3 4
Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty
Extreme 8 empty, may only be used between major milestones and REPLACES one of your current aspects.


Wealth and Favors


  • Knows Untari whole life.