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Sorcier Dossier on Milady Rosalie de Moreau

Current Location:

  • Royal Pride of Musketeers Headquarters. Quarters believes to be on the third story.

Known Abilities:

  • Fair shot with a pistol and deceptively skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Approach with extreme caution; do not let her looks betray her true nature.
  • Ability to create explosive pockets of energy.
    • Measured capacity able to devastate a small city block
    • Did not demonstrate backlash
      • It is not believed that she knows the Secrets of the Sorcier (blood-tying). Further research proved fruitless on exact nature of this phenomenon.
    • Have not been used since the dragon slaying in Condrol.
      • It is believed she either lost these powers or has lost the ability to remove spell-backlash. In case of the latter, extreme caution is still advised. Survival is minimal from a direct result of this spell.
  • Magic nullification
    • Appears to be of a somewhat variable radius. Best estimation is that is has direct correlation to ley lines as well as her emotional state.
    • First appeared after the dragon slaying in Condrol. Runs counter to the fact everyone else lost all their powers.
      • Believed she she is a magic siphon. Research continues on what may happen when she reaches capacity.
  • Slowed aging
    • Once again linked to the dragon slaying in Condrol.
    • It does not appear significant, though her appearance is that of one 10 years her younger. We estimate she is aging at an approximately 30% slower rate.

Family and Accomplices:

  • Son: Beau de Moreau
    • Current status: redacted
    • Last known location to be redacted
      • Note that all information about Beau is to be delivered through oral communication through a high wizard.
  • Husband: Armoise de Moreau
    • Current Status: Dead
      • Killed by Arch Magus Delanaute in the seventh month of the Siege of Martania.
  • Countess Margarete la Croix: Countess of Martania
    • Current Status: Non-threat
      • It appears that Rosalie and the Countess have a less than usual relationship. It is believed that this can be exploited at some point. Moles in the courts are attempting to learn more about their situation.

History with the Sorcier

Rosaline joined the fight against us with her husband, Armoise, 4 years before the dragon slaying of Condrol. During this time, Armoise spent most of the time on the front line while Rosaline handled logistics. It wasn't until two years when Armoise died at the Siege of Martania that she joined the front lines.

It is during this time that she took control of a Bastard's Brigade known as the Bloody Oath. It was comprised of those family members that opposed us and fell in battle. They did not see the error of their kins' ways and falsely took the sword upon us.

It was during this time we learned of Rosaline's devastating magic. Her immunity to the offensive backlash of her devastating spells brought many successful sieges against us. It was our decision that we needed to neutralize her powers. To do this, we needed to cause a mana void. The only somewhat workable hypothesis at the time was to kill a dragon and collapse a ley line over it.

A lure was placed in which we captured her son as well as some other young recruits and placed them near the den of the dragon. She she got within range, we set about killing the dragon. The brave recruits either lost their lives or the ability to cast magic after that siege, but we believe we either neutralized her explosive offensive power, or, in the least, broke the link that deadened her to the repercussions of using them. The names of these brave recruits are stored in the Tome of Heroes: The Trade Collapse Era and is recommended reading.

Rosaline seems to have not lost all of her powers in full, as she appears to now posses an anti-magic field. Assassins have tried long range spells on her throughout various times and even during unconsciousness, but it appears that the shell is always up. The researchers believe that she is siphoning the magic around her, like some sort of reverse-dragon. Note that, if she were to die or become incapacitated long term, retrieval of her body is considered paramount for study.

He son was redacted after the event and redacted. It is now redacted.

She became less aggressive against us over the next few years as she focused on finding her son. Her parts in the Gunpowder Revolution were minor, and mostly logistical. She hurt us the most after it, though, by swaying the courts, nobles, and guilds further from us. This has become her primary role, especially as age begins to take her.

It is currently unknown where she falls on the Draconic Courts. This is a relatively new third party in which we would like to influence before Rosaline has a chance. As Rosaline is currently leading the Exploratory Courtiers faction of the Royal Pride of Musketeers, we must make haste in this endeavor has her armament of contacts is daunting.