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The High Horn Pass is an area that was formerly of Condrol. The Sorcier captured the area in an expansion just a little over 50 years ago. The High Horn Pass exports lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold from modest mines in Arkstone. The chief export, however, of the High Horn Pass is lamp oil, which comes from the Fosses de Nuit (Pits of the Night, e.g. naturally occurring oil pits).

This area has seen a lot of battle over the last 5 decades, as Arkstone and Condrol wrestle over control of the area. The most recent battle over the area was five years ago, called The Battle of the High Horn Pass.

The battle was caused by a colony of Condrol citizens who ventured too far into the mountains and onto land claimed by the Stag family. When the colonizers were forcibly removed, Condrol responded by sending troops to defend their people. The situation was handled poorly from the ground and escalated quickly into bloodshed.

During the conflict, which lasted just over two weeks, the previous Stag Lady and Lord were captured by Condrol and would've been used as leverage in parley, except that a member of the Royal Pride ordered a sniper to remove the leverage.