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Wealth and Favor Condition Track

Wealth and Favor (sticky): Base 2 boxes + bonus boxes based on skill ranks.

This condition represents your personal wealth and your influence within society. Mark a box to aid you by leveraging these assets with effects as outlined in the stunts. Recover one box each session as you trade favors and earn capital.

Skills that your character knows may grant you additional boxes. If you have a Resources or Contact skill of +1 or +2, add one more box. If the skill is +3 or more, add two boxes. Use the highest of the two skills to determine the bonus box(es).

Core Stunts (choose 1)

Each player starts with one stunt of their choice from this list. Additional stunts may be purchased as normal.

Familiar Face: You are known within your social circles. Once per session, upon meeting an NPC in your social circle, you may mark off a Wealth and Favor box to declare that you have met them before and create an aspect with one free invoke to represent your prior relationship.

Backup: While in good standing with your organization, once per session you may check a Wealth and Favor box to request backup, equipment, access, or protection (either political or physical) from your organization. This aid takes the form of a minor NPC to help in a scene, free success at an overcome roll, or an advantage with two invokes.

Profiler: You have connections and you know how to put them to use to learn more about people. When you check off a Wealth and Favor box you may ask the GM to tell you an aspect of any character you interact with in a scene with a free invoke on it.

Public Statement: Once per session you may check a Wealth and Favor box to state that your community has publicly denounced or supported a certain character, gaining you an aspect with two free invokes related to the statement’s impact on the person’s reputation.

Big Spender: If your financial strength can be usefully applied to a situation, you may mark boxes of Wealth and Favor as free invokes. You may also mark a box of Wealth and Favors to create an aspect, subject to GM approval.

Calling in Favors: Gain a +2 for each Wealth and Favor box marked to a Create Advantage or Overcome roll when you have time and the ability to call in favors.

Expense Account: The organization/guild/company who employs you is willing to cover purchases and loan useful tools to help you with your assignments. Gain a +2 for each Wealth and Favor box marked to Attack or Defense rolls for a scene and describe how the equipment helped you.