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Titus Malatesta

Name: Titus Malatesta | Profession: Mob boss for the Malatesta Family in the city of Sandpoint
Race: Dwarf | Age Unknown | Sex: Male

Titus Malatesta is a loyal member of The Family, sharing the name and the ambition of it. His wing of The Family has been rumored to be destroying local mills via burning them to the ground, in order for the Malatesta-owned establishments to be left without competition. He leans towards agreeing with whatever the general consensus is within the family concerning political maters, such as agreeing with the recent turn of events concerning slavery.

On an individual level, Titus is a no-nonsense individual, even amongst dwarves. He has a stern personality that demands respect from others. He also has an eye for detail, keeping the grounds of his home organized and clean with the employment of servants, and runs The Family with utmost efficiency that evokes the disdain of his competitors.

Due to his tendency to agree with The Family, his reaction to our adventurers was that of dismissal and disdain. He bid that they leave soon after arriving, his words clearly a not-so-concealed threat. Following the events of the Swallowtail Festival however, no move has been made as of yet to remove the party from town, possible due to the local fame of the heroes of the night, and also possibly because fellow Malatestans doing a good dead helps his reputation as well.