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Stavros Muckhucker is the sort of dwarf, who, even among dwarves, needed imaginary friends to have a social life. Stavros is a mousey fellow, with a moist, musty smell about him. It's not a truly offensive smell, as such, but even the dank and humid tunnels of the Five Kingdoms wasn't enough to mask the odor. A bit shorter and a bit less stout than most dwarves, Stavros was widely regarded as the runt of Emperor's Peak.

Stavros grew up under the watchful eye of his uncle Fragor in Highhelm. Fragor was a dwarf's dwarf, a captain of the Legion of Emperor's Peak, decorated in the Battle of Giant's Cove as a war hero. Stavros never knew his parents in childhood, as they both perished while demolishing a tunnel full of orcish invaders. His blood carried the fierceness of heroes, the bravery of a hundred men, and the aspirations of a proud heritage.

As a result, Stavros was bombarded by epic after epic, expounding upon the glory and wonder of dwarven craftsmanship, culture, and thought. The collective wisdom of the populace of the Five Kingdoms was, according to the tales, beyond reproach. It was often said that "Well-packed dirt shows the best path to take." It was said especially often to Stavros.

Stavros hated all of it. He grumbled about the unsolicited lectures and lessons. Deep within his psyche, grew a festering distaste of all things dwarven. Stavros yearned for a way to escape the shackles of his birthright. Little did he know that he would soon get exactly that chance.

Fragor noticed Stavros' lukewarm enthusiasm for dwarven pride, and would have none of it. Fragor pulled a few strings and had Stavros appointed as a Specialist Private First Class -- Reconnaisance Division of the Legion of Emperor's Peak. Basically, it meant that Stavros was a glorified sentry. A noble position indeed.

Stavros dutifully performed his task as Specialist Private First Class -- Reconnaisance Division for nearly 10 years. In this time, Stavros learned every twist and turn of the tunnel networks that snaked through Emperor's Peak. No one knew it better. Stavros felt a kinship with the tunnels -- a structure with obvious purpose, strength, and definition. He delved deeper and deeper with each shift, seeking deliverance.

His opportunity came one day when he encountered a drow named Drazzt, deep beneath the tunnels of Highhelm. Drazzt offered Stavros a new life among a hard-working family, one that would appreciate his talents. The catch? Stavros would need to mark the way for the drow through the tunnels to launch an assault upon Highhelm.

Stavros took the deal.

Stavros finished the task over the next several months. Stavros did not stay for the ensuing massacre. Though Highhelm had done little to understand him, it had given him the means to survive to this day. He had no desire to see his kin murdered before his own eyes.

He then joined the family. . . . (doing jobs for them). Based on the backstory of the party, has left the family.

GM Hooks:

1) The status of Fragor -- dead, alive, angry, worried, etc.

2) The result of the invasion on Highhelm. . . did the dwarves win?

3) Is Stavros considered to have died, or is he marked as a deserter? Or perhaps even a traitor?

4) If he is discovered alive, perhaps the dwarves of Highhelm are searching for him. Interesting possible alliance between the family and Highhelm to bring him in. . . or who gets to skin him first. :)

5) Did Stavros discover something deep within those caves that was of importance, but did not recognize as such?

6) Balrogs!