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SH/PC:Herb the Mechanic

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Herb the Mechanic Refresh 2

Mantle: Valkyrie


High Concept: Mechanical Mechanic
Trouble: Have to Keep the Machine Running
Aspect: Ignorant Savant
Aspect: Some Things Do Not Compute
Aspect: Powered by CocaCola


  • Careful +2
  • Clever +2
  • Flashy +1
  • Forceful +3
  • Quick +0
  • Sneaky +1


Stunts and Extras

Rune Magic ×2
You are capable of wielding ancient Norse magic, using a set of powerful runes to achieve wondrous effects. Choose two different combinations of approach and action and name the effect associated with them. A Forceful defense might be a “ward of power,” or a Sneaky attack might be a “shadow strike.” You have +2 when you use either combination with magic.

  • +2 Forceful Attack
  • +2 Forceful Overcome
  • +2 Clever Create Advantage
  • +2 Careful Defense

Chooser of the Slain
You have the innate ability to know when people are potentially going to die. Once per session, you may name a character whose final hours are near, take a Foreknowledge of X’s Demise advantage with two invokes into any scene with that character, and use them as you see fit. If the character you name escapes or forestalls their demise, the GM may compel that same aspect as the consequences of their altered future play out.

Perfect Memory
You have supernaturally perfect recall of nearly anything you’ve experienced. Once per session, you may automati- cally succeed at any overcome action that involves knowing specific information, provided you can justify where you encountered the information to begin with. Particularly far-reaching justifications may cost a fate point at the GM’s discretion.

Monoc Securities Files
Once per session, you may ask the GM for all relevant background information Monoc Securities has on a particular character, and the GM must tell you something useful. That useful thing may constitute an advantage with a free invoke, which you may use in any scene with the subject of your inquiry.

Stress and Conditions

Stressed (fleeting) 1 each — [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
A fleeting condition goes away when you get a chance to catch your breath and calm down.

In Peril (Sticky) 4 [ ]
Clear out In Peril when you’ve done something concrete to resolve whatever the nature of the peril is—getting medical attention if it’s an injury, bribing someone to remove the marker, and so on. Usually, this means you’ll need to overcome an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher.

Doomed (Lasting) 6 [ ]
When you’re Doomed, you’re in serious, serious trouble. If it’s an injury, you’re holding your guts in. If it’s an emotional problem, you probably need counseling. Check off Doomed to cancel six shifts from any attack. Start recovering from being Doomed when you’ve done something concrete to mitigate the nature of your doom—spending time in a hospital if you’re injured, going to therapy, etc. Usually, this means you’ll need to overcome an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher. (You may want to put a check mark by the condition, to indicate it’s recovering but not cleared.) Clear out Doomed at the end of the next session after you’ve successfully started recovery.

Wounded (sticky): 4 [ ]
You have an additional condition you can take specifically to absorb four shifts of physical harm. To recover, you must spend at least a scene of downtime resting or obtaining medical attention, having your wounds bound, etc.

Injured (lasting): 6 [ ]
You have an additional condition you can take specifically to absorb six shifts of physical harm. When you’re Injured, death is on the table when you’re taken out, as with the Doomed condition. To begin recovery, another character who is capable of seeing to your injury must overcome an obstacle of Great (+4) or higher, in quiet and ideal conditions (as in, not in the field). You recover fully at the end of the next session.