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Neferhotep Refresh 2

Mantle: Knight of the Cross


High Concept: Alien Guardian of Egypt
Trouble: Terrible Wraith
Aspect: Awakened by Mathemagics
Aspect: Reveres Cats
Aspect: <empty>


  • Careful +2
  • Clever +1
  • Flashy +1
  • Forceful +3
  • Quick +2
  • Sneaky +0
  • Faithful +5


Stunts and Extras

The Sword of the Cross
The Heavenly Host has entrusted you with an instrument of God’s will—one of the three Swords of the Cross, Amoracchius, Fidelacchius, and Esperacchius—to help defend and protect people from the forces of darkness. When using the sword in accordance with its divine purpose, you gain a new approach, called Faithful, at Superb (+5). You may use this approach for any action you take with the sword while fulfilling its purpose.

Missions from God
You’re able to sense instinctively when and where your abilities are most needed, and divine “coincidence” tends to put you in the right place at the right time. Once per session, you may ask the GM to tell you who needs your help the most, and you may declare that you arrive at that person’s location at precisely the correct time. If you spend a fate point, you may choose the person who needs your help, and the GM must invent a reason why.

Divine Defender
Once per session, you may choose to suffer the result of any attack inflicted on anyone in your immediate presence. You must take it at the same value as the original recipient, and do not get to roll a separate defense. For example, if the original recipient took a 5-shift hit, you must also.

Sacrificial Blow
You may mark the Doomed condition to inflict an immediate 6-shift hit on an opponent, against which they cannot defend. You may do this at any time during a conflict, or in conjunction with an attack, adding the six shifts to the value of the attack. Doomed must be fully recovered before you can do this again.

Barrier of Faith
Once per session, you may designate a zone to be protected by a shield of faith. Anyone who wishes harm to anyone in that zone must first overcome an obstacle vs. your Forceful approach to enter the zone. This doesn’t protect you from ranged attacks that originate outside the zone.

Stress and Conditions

Stressed (fleeting) 1 each — [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
A fleeting condition goes away when you get a chance to catch your breath and calm down.

In Peril (Sticky) 4 [ ]
Clear out In Peril when you’ve done something concrete to resolve whatever the nature of the peril is—getting medical attention if it’s an injury, bribing someone to remove the marker, and so on. Usually, this means you’ll need to overcome an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher.

Doomed (Lasting) 6 [ ]
When you’re Doomed, you’re in serious, serious trouble. If it’s an injury, you’re holding your guts in. If it’s an emotional problem, you probably need counseling. Check off Doomed to cancel six shifts from any attack. Start recovering from being Doomed when you’ve done something concrete to mitigate the nature of your doom—spending time in a hospital if you’re injured, going to therapy, etc. Usually, this means you’ll need to overcome an obstacle against an opposition of Great (+4) or higher. (You may want to put a check mark by the condition, to indicate it’s recovering but not cleared.) Clear out Doomed at the end of the next session after you’ve successfully started recovery.