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Captain John Starr Refresh 2


High Concept: Veteran Space Soldier
Trouble: Troubled Space Childhood

Call to Action Aspect: Returned Home to Save It
Relationship Aspect: Risk taker because I have nothing to lose
Aspect: Empty

Big Issue: Iron Curtain from Space
Subplot Issue: Promoted into Obscurity

Stress and Consequences

Stress Boxes 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ]

Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty


  • Athletics +3
  • Awareness +1
  • Burglary +0
  • Computers +1
  • Contacts +0
  • Drive +3
  • Fight +1
  • Gadgetry +2
  • Insight +0
  • Knowledge +0
  • Persuade +0
  • Provoke +1
  • Resources +0
  • Shoot +4
  • Stealth +0
  • Will +2

Stunts and Extras

Roles: Soldier, Cop, Wheelman

This One is Mine (Soldier)
You have a special firearm that you value above all others. Give it a high concept aspect and a trouble aspect. Once per scene, you can invoke one of those aspects for free.
One Hand on the Wheel (Wheelman)
When operating a vehicle, if you're also wielding a firearm, on your turn you can spend a fate point to take a free action with Shoot.
Gearhead (Wheelman)
When repairing or modifying a vehicle, you can use Drive instead of Gadgetry
To Serve and Protect (Cop)
When a nearby ally is hit by a physical attack, you can check one of your own physical stress boxes to help reduce the hit.
Thousand Yard Stare (Soldier)
When subject to a fear- or intimidation-based mental attack, you can defend with Fight instead of Will.

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