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Vic Savage Refresh 3


High Concept: Punk Rock Ninja
Trouble: Pain is Life

Call to Action Aspect: I've seen the lizard faces of the politicians
Relationship Aspect: My greatest days are behind me
Aspect: One Man Army

Big Issue: Iron Curtain from Space
Subplot Issue: Promoted into Obscurity

Stress and Consequences

Stress Boxes 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ]

Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty


  • Athletics +3
  • Awareness +1
  • Burglary +0
  • Computers +0
  • Contacts +0
  • Drive +0
  • Fight +4
  • Gadgetry +0
  • Insight +0
  • Knowledge +0
  • Persuade +0
  • Provoke +3
  • Resources +0
  • Shoot +1
  • Stealth +4
  • Will +2

Stunts and Extras

Roles: Ninja, Brawler, Warrior

Send More Mooks (Brawler)
Mooks organized into mobs don't get the usual teamwork bonus when they attack you (but they still get it to defend against you)
Suddenly Ninja (Ninja)
Once per scene, you can choose to disappear from the scene, as long as there's a plausible exit route and you aren't being directly observed. If doing so would avoid danger, like skipping out in the middle of a fight, it'll cost you a fate point. You can show back up in a later scene. If you do so in a way that provides you with a tactical advantage, like suddenly appearing from the shadows to ambush someone, that will cost you a fate point, too.
Sophisticated Swordplay (Warrior)
When wielding a lightweight blade, like a rapier or a saber, get +1 to create advantage with Fight. When you invoke a situation aspect you've created using this stunt for a bonus, it grants +3 instead of +2.
From the Shadows (Ninja)
Once per exchange, when you attack an extra or mook who isn't aware of you, you automatically take them out, no roll required.

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