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This template applied to the main page of a campaign.

  • active set this to TRUE if the campaign is active. It will apply the Category:Active Campaign to the page.
  • showDetails set this to TRUE to show a detail block on the page with additional information about the campaign
  • gm is the campaign GM as either a wiki link, e.g. [[User:Wizardoest]], or as plain text, e.g. "Ryan Schoon".
  • Coming soon name is the campaign name, e.g. "Lone Rock City"
  • Coming soon about is the campaign short description, e.g. "Brewed Awakening is a cinematic campaign of magic in the modern world and is heavily influenced by the book series The Dresden Files and the television shows Buffy, Angel, and Supernatural. "
  • Coming soon dates is a text field to list when the campaign was played, e.g. "Feb-June 2016", "May 2016-present", or "14 Jan 2016".


Copy, paste, and edit the following to use this template.