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  • Session 3: Submit recap to get: Madame Mvashti will brew you a tea that will effectively be Augury, once, with a 10 minute "brewing" time. (Counts as a potion.)
  • Session 5: Submit recap to get: 1 free reroll, use second, of a climb, acrobatics, swim, etc, check with natural terrain (etc.) in the Sandpoint vicinity.
  • Session 6: Submit recap to get: Reroll a fortitude save against poison.
  • Session 7: Submit recap to get: Extra Trait from DM's offering & extra non-core spell (or similar) from DM's offering.
  • Session 8: Submit recap to get: You can gain the benefits of the Blind Fight feat for 1 round.
  • Session 10: Submit recap to get: The sudden death of Haneet to Caizarlu's phantasmal killer lingers on your mind. Next time you would die, you are instead at -(CON/2), not stable. If the cause of death is something else (e.g., constitution damage), you remain at the minimum not to die by that effect.<-- 11, 12, 13 were non-individual -->
  • Session 14: Submit recap to get: One attack roll against a giant is an automatic hit and threat, requires confirmation.<-- 15 was party -->
  • Session 16: Submit recap to get: Get a +5 competence bonus to a single swim check.
  • Session 17: Submit recap to get: Shadow Conjuration, once ever as an SLA with no material components. Filled by those who noticed your interaction with the devil.
  • Session 18: Submit recap to get: A lesser blessing from Myriana, depending on the outcome of the chapter and if promises are kept.