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Barbarian and Rage Mage Abilities

  • Rage 2/day
    +6 Str, +6 Con, -4 AC. Dur = 3+con.
  • Fast Movement +10'
  • Stalwart Sorceror
    You gain extra hit points equal to two times your sorcerer class level. Every time you advance a level, you gain another 2 extra hit points. You also gain the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat for a melee weapon of your choice, as well as Weapon Focus with that weapon.
  • Spell Rage 2/day (CW p72)
    Cast abj, conj, evoc, necro, and trans at character lvl. Make Concentration checks but no cha, dex, or int skills except balance, escape artist, intimidate, and ride. +2 Str, +2 Con, -4 AC. Dur = 3+con.
  • Overcome spell failure (CW p72)
    Reduce spell failure chance by 10% in light or medium armor.
  • Angry Spell (Ex): When casting spells of the abjuration, conjuration, evocation, necromancy, or transmutation schools while raging, the save DC for the spell increases by +2.
  • Spell Fury (Sp): She may quicken a spell of 4th lvl or lower without change in lvl or casting time. She may use this ability once during each rage.

Sorceror [Dragonblood]

  • Summon Drakken Familiar: DragonMagic pp12-13 Vaeriasa/Familiar
  • Arcane Insight (Ex): A 1st-level dragonblood sorcerer’s racial talent with magic grants him keen insights into arcane mysteries. Each time he selects a dragonblood sorcerer substitution level, he gains a cumulative +2 insight bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks. Total bonus: +2
  • Draconic Heritage: A 1st-level dragonblood sorcerer gains Draconic Heritage as a bonus feat. This substitution feature replaces the standard sorcerer’s familiar class feature.
  • Spell-Like Ability: A dragonblood sorcerer who takes the 4th-level racial substitution level gains the ability to transform a sorcerer spell he knows into a spell-like ability. A spell chosen for this ability can’t have a costly material component, an XP cost, or any sort of focus, and it can’t be a spell of the highest level the sorcerer can cast. The chosen spell is removed from the sorcerer’s list of spells known, reducing his number of known spells of that level by one, and the sorcerer loses one spell slot of that spell level—as well as one spell slot from the next higher level of spells he is able to cast. In return for those two spell slots, he gains the ability to use the chosen spell as a spell-like ability three times per day, using his sorcerer level as the caster level. Each time a dragonblood sorcerer who has this substitution level feature gains access to a new spell level, he can exchange the spell chosen for this ability for a new one. He returns the previously chosen spell to his list of spells known and regains both lost spell slots. He then chooses a new spell, subject to the limitations given above. He loses that spell from his spells known list along with one spell slot of the newly chosen spell’s level and a spell slot one level higher than the chosen spell.
  • Currently selected: Electric Loop

Anhur's Gifts

  • Strength of Thunder: 1/day as a swift action after casting a spell with the electricity descriptor, Ist'Vaech may gain a +4 enhancement bonus to Str for a number of rounds equal to the level of the spell cast.

Trained by the Dark Dogs

  • Panther Stance: As a swift action, the character may activate Panther Stance, which grants the character Improved Unarmed Strike for a number of rounds equal to 3+dex modifier. Additionally the character may Deflect Arrows per the feat, but using this ability ends the Panther Stance. Panther Stance is usable once per day.
  • Way of the Panther: You have access to the Ninja base class.

Alternate Forms

  • Asabi [MoF 15] Medium; 50'/20' burrow; +2 natural; Bite attack(1d4); Jump Lengths Increased
  • Avarial [RoF 31] Medium; 30'/50' fly; +4 Spot, +4 Jump, , +2 Listen, +2 Search
  • Duergar [MM 92] Medium; 20' (no encumbrance); +4 Move Silently, +1 Listen and Spot
  • Gray Orc [RoF] Medium; 40'
  • Kobold [MM 161] Small; 30'; +1 natural; +2 Craft (Trapmaking), +2 Search, +2 Profession (Miner)
  • Lizardfolk [MM 169] Medium; 30'; +5 natural; Claws(2) & Bite attacks (1d4 each); +4 Balance, +4 Jump, +4 Swim
  • Locathah [MM 169] Medium; 10'/ 60' swim; +3 natural; +8 Swim (take 10)
  • Skulk [FF 154] Medium; 30'; +8 to Move Silently, +15 to Hide
  • Troglodyte [MM 246] Medium; 30'; +6 natural; claws(2) 1d4 & bite 1d4; Multiattack feat; +4 hide (+8 rocky)
  • Varag [MM4 168] Medium; 60'; +3 natural; Run and Spring Attack bonus feats; +8 racial move silently