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True20 clarifications

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This page catalogs clarifications to the True20 system. Where House rules are needed, they are indicated.

For rules that apply only to The New World campaign, see NW:Rules.


Identifying and Noticing (Partial House Rule, see below)

Wielding powers is primarily an act of will. Adepts often gesture or speak when using their powers, but this is not required. An adept can use powers with nothing more than intense concentration. --Source

The Second Sight power is required to "sense the use and lingering effects of supernatural powers". This means that powers can only be identified precisely by use of this power. There is no skill that allows the identification of powers.

This means that Knowledge (Supernatural) covers ancient mysteries, magic traditions, arcane symbols, cryptic phrases, and the like, just as Knowledge (Arcana) does in the d20 system.

OPTIONAL HOUSE RULE It is easy to notice when someone is concentrating intensely (using a power or otherwise). Nothing is stated explicitly in the True20 Core Rulebook about hiding this concentration. I propose the following two options to be used in the campaign.

  1. Use the Diversion ability under Bluff to create a distraction. Everyone is looking away as you concentrate on the spell.
  2. Add "Make it look easy" to the skill challenges under [t20:skill/concentration|Concentration]]. For a -5 penalty an adept may attempt to disguise the telltale concentration of casting. The DC will be 10 + adept rank. Using a power at a lower rank will lower this difficulty.

Body Control (House Rule)

The Body Control power has several uses that are available to the Adept while asleep, faking death, or using Body Awareness. This requires the power to be maintained. Maintenance requires a free action every round to maintain:

Some powers can be maintained; that is, their effects can continue at the same level achieved by the initial use. This maintenance requires at least a modicum of concentration on the adept’s part. Maintaining an effect is a free action each round.

Since this is a contradiction, it is agreed that a power can be initiated and is considered active for one hour per Adept level when the Adept would otherwise be unable to maintain the power.


Drawing a weapon is always a move action


There is no bonus for flanking an opponent.


Reloading a ranged weapon (including a bow) takes at least a move action. (Quick Draw feat doubles as rapid reload.)