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  • 3rd Edition
    • Griff, Human Rogue/Cleric of Waukeen (Forgotten Realms)
    • The Hawk and the Shield
      • Belos, Human Fighter (Archer). Yes, this is LG Needle build, but in a real campaign.
    • Lone Rock City
      • Robhim Estis, Human Druid/Cleric of Anhur
        • Alternate Robhim, Human Druid/Ranger/Fighter/Beast Master/Wild Plains Outrider
      • Leonid Starfucker, Human Hexblade
    • Living Greyhawk
      • Hearn, Human Cleric of Kelanen (ended at 11)
      • Needle, Human Archer (Fighter) (ended at 4)
      • Preconor, Summoner (Marshal/Favored Soul of Trithereon) (ended at 4)
      • name forgotten, Keoish Necromancer (died at 3)
  • 2nd Edition
    • Aluru Vincorr, High Elf "Wizard" (Favorite character ever; Thieve's World)
    • Captain Samuel Durkree, Half-elven Ranger
    • Dunderkan Goran, Human Fighter|Thief|Cleric
    • Historian Clyst, Grey Elf Bard
    • Raot Vozal, Gnome Bard (Scholar/Barrister)
    • Darshan, Elf Fighter/Thief
    • Ceandor Dreanith, Wood Elf Thief (Forgotten Realms)
  • Unisystem

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