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Ride Source: Knights of Invasion

From mounted combat to endurance rides or horse races, Ride is what you need to be an effective equestrian. As well as giving you the ability to competently ride, this skill lets you groom, train, and look after horses.

Overcome: Ride lets you win horse races, traverse rough terrain and leap obstacles on horseback, or arrive at your destination in the nick of time. You can also tame or train horses and deal with their care and maintenance.

Create an Advantage: You can create advantages relating to improving your horse’s grooming or mental state, outmaneuvering other equestrians, and gaining superior tactical positioning.

Attack: When you’re attacking someone from horseback, you use the lower of your Ride and Fight.

Defend: You can use Ride instead of Athletics to defend against physical attacks when you’re in the saddle and your horse is free to move. You can also defend against attempts to outmaneuver you on horseback or to tamper with your horse or its tack and fodder.

Ride Stunts

  • Jouster: When you’re jousting, you use the higher of your Fight and Ride rather than the lower (page 27).
  • Horse Whisperer: You’re naturally gifted at making horses do what you want. +2 to overcome or create an advantage with Ride when in uencing a horse’s

mental state.