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Concentration Check +21 (+15 caster level, + 4 Int, +2 Focused Mind trait)
You get a +4 bonus on concentration checks made to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability when casting on the defensive or while grappled.

Spell List

Familiar Scorpion, Master gains a +2 bonus on initiative rolls

Save DC 22
Concentration check: DC 30
Horrid Wilting (Nec)
Spon Cure Serious Wounds, Mass 15 creatures w/i 30', 3d8+15 [max +30]
Save DC 21
Concentration check: DC 29
Arcane Sight, Greater
Chain Lightning 15d6, 15 targets
Heal 150hp
Waves of Exhaustion
Patron Circle of Clarity (Abj) 100 Gold Piece Focus
SponCure Moderate Wounds, Mass 15 creatures w/i 30', 2d8+15 [max +30]
Save DC 20
Concentration check: DC 27
Swarm Skin
Mass Suggestion
Unwilling Shield 250 Gold Piece
Heroism, Greater
Patron Cloak of Dreams (Ench)
Spon CLW, mass 15 creatures w/i 30', 1d8+15 [max +25]
Save DC 19
Concentration check: DC 25
Prying Eyes (Div),
Magic Jar (Nec) 100 Gold Piece
Cloudkill (Conj)
Suffocation (Nec)
Teleport (Conj)
Patron Dream (Illu)
Spon CCW, 4d8+15 (max +20)
4th—4+1 Int
Save DC 18
Concentration check: DC 23
Spite (Abj) 250 Gold Piece Touch spell of 4th or lower
Fear (Illu)
Dim Door (Conj)
Arcane Eye (Div)
Threefold Aspect (Trans) 5 Gold Piece Standard action to switch between Young Adult (+2 Dex/Con, -2 Wis), Adult (+2 Int/Wis, -2 Dex), and Elderly (+4 Wis/Int, -2 Str/Dex)
Solid Fog (Conj)
Patron Wandering star motes (Illu) Target loses concealment, Will save or dazed for 1 round (and save each round), on a passed save the motes move to a new target w/i 30
Spon CSW, 3d8+15 (max +15)
3rd—4+1 Int
Save DC 17
Concentration check: DC 21
Bestow Curse (Nec)
Share Senses (Div)
Vampiric Touch (Nec)
Lightning Bolt (Evoc)
Glyph of Warding (Abj) 200 Gold Piece
Patron Guiding star (Div)
2nd—4+1 for Int
Save DC 16
Concentration check: DC 19
Vomit Swarm (Conj)
Web (Conj)
Glitterdust (conj)
Spectral Hand (Nec)
Zone of Truth (Ench)
Patron Dust of twilight Kills < 2lvl lights, Fort save or Fatigued, 10' spread
Spon CMW, 2d8+10
1st—4+1 for Int
Save DC 15
Concentration check: DC 17
Beguiling Gift (Ench)
Reduce Person (Trans)
Mage Armor (Abj)
Obs Mist (Conj)
Identify (Div)
Mount (Conj)
Ill Omen (Ench) Disadvanatge for 3 d20 rolls
Burning Hands (Evoc)
Enlarge Person (Trans)
Comprehend Languages
Patron Faerie Fire
Spon CLW, 1d8+5


Theft Ward Single object, +10 perception to notice someone trying to take it. (50 charges)
CMW, 2d8+4 per charge (50 charges)


Scrying (Div)
Neutralize Poison (Conj)
CCW, 4d8+7
Fly (Trans) 60' for 5 min
Share Senses (Div)
Web (Conj)
Web (Conj)
Alter Self (Trans)
Alter Self (Trans)
False Life (Nec) +1d10+4 temp hp

Obs Mist (Conj)
Comprehend Languages


Sanctuary (Abj)
Protection from Evil (Abj)
Hide from Undead (Abj)
CSW 3d8+5
Water breathing (Trans)
Tongues (Div)


Feather tokens
Feather Token, Whip (2)
Feather Token, Tree (2)
Feather Token, Bird (2)
Feather Token, Anchor (2)