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Mutants and Masterminds is a system that started life as a child of the True20 system and in true superhero fashion it has mutated into something more powerful.

Reading Through the Book

The system is derived from d20, and as such is pretty easy to get up to speed with. Character levels are removed and instead all characters are given a Power Level (PL). This PL provides a pool of points for use in character creation. These points may be spent on abilities, advantages (read—feats), powers, and tech. PL also provides a hard cap on bonuses at your character's PL. So if you can only min/max so far.

I've glanced through the Powers section enough to notice that it seems to give enough options to satisfy *any* superhero game. They are broken down by effect and the text encourages re-skinning of abilities to fit a character's theme.

The only drawback that I see (without playing the system yet) is that there is no resource management. Unless drawbacks are taken, powers can be used infinitely. This fits the superhero motif, but resource management is a key ingredient in most RPGs.

After Playing A Loooooong Combat

Quick thought—armor and flight seem to be the best powers, by far. And scale of powers matters. The difference of a few ranks can mean a world of difference. Our speedster could move 26,000 MPH in a move action.