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Social Combat!

  • Honor & Prestige (HP): 1d6 for 2 skill points; 1d8 for 4 skill points; 1d10 for 6 skill points; and 1d12 for 8 skill points. Add wisdom modifier per level. When you have no more HP, your opinion no longer counts.
  • Antagonistic Class (AC): 10 + 1/2 level + Int mod
  • Base Argument Bonus (BAB): Poor for 2 skill points; Average for 4 skill points; Good for 6 skill points or higher. Add your Cha modifier. Roll a skill check with ranks only.
  • Social Damage: Str (1d4); Dex (1d4); Con (1d4); Int (1d10); Wis (1d8); Cha (2d8); plus Cha modifier


Every skill can be used in Social Combat, as long as the player has a creative way to use it.


  • Undermine Argument: If you do damage with a Listen attack, you drop the opponents AC by 4 points for one round.
  • Intimidating Glare: As a standard action, you may make an Intimidate attack. If successful, the next attack you make does +2d6 social damage.
  • Harpell Logic: If you successfully attack an opponent with K(arcana), that opponent is dazed for one round as it tries to sort out what you just said.
  • Graceful Gallop: As an immediate action you may roll a tumble or balance check and use that value as your AC, but on your next turn you must take at least a single move away from that opponent.
  • Broken Glass: If you make a successful Disable Device attack, the opponent is in an awkward position and all threatening allies get an immediate Intimidate attack as they poke fun at the opponent.
  • Regain Composure: If you make a successful Diplomacy or Bluff attack, you also gain 2d6 HP.
  • Gather Information: If you make a successful Gather Info attack, you gain +2 AC for one round.