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Muscle.gif Amiri

High Concept: Made man on a mission of redemption
Trouble: Corrupt Family

I'm rich, bitch! '
For the greater good '
Wardrobe by Shatner '
I'm already involved '




Strength 5 — Dexterity 3 — Constitution 4 — Intelligence 2 — Perception 2 — Willpower 4


Life Points 52 — Endurance 44 — Speed 14 — Essence 30
Consciousness/Survival 8/10 — Initiative 3
Essence Recovery Rate 1/min
Fate Points: 4


  • Bureaucracy 2
  • Climbing 1
  • Dodge 3
  • Drive: Class C Vehicle 2
  • Fast Talk 2
  • Intimidation 1
  • Martial Arts (Dambe)* 1
  • Notice 2
  • Science (Geology) 1
  • Stealth 2
  • Streetwise 1
  • Weight Lifting 1


Adversary (Family) -- 2 points
A powerful father and son harvest blood diamonds in Africa. Even though they are far away, if they ever targeted Amiri in retaliation for freeing the enslaved workers, it would be a huge ordeal.
Honorable -- Serious
Do not lie, betray, etc -- to anyone. Do your best to keep any promises and do not willingly betray trust. (May be reluctant to give word in the first place.) Cheating, ambushing, taking an unarmed but known problematic person are okay.
Emotional Problem (Humorless)
Negative Buoyancy
Drown in only constitution turns if in water.
Obligation (Do good above all else) -- Extreme
Doing good is of the utmost important, even more than your own life -- even your personal life -- is second to the ideal.
Double Identity: The Abyss


Essence Channeling -- 1 level
Allows you to pull X essence from your pool per turn and recover it at a rate of 1 per minute.

Primal Casting

Primal Casting Skill -- 3 levels
Skill for activating Primal powers. (Armageddon 275)
Can channel limitless essence per turn.
May Assume Aspect for 5 essence per minute.
+3 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +12 life, +9 endurance, +9 speed, +2 initiative.

Warrior Aspect

Way of War
+3 to attacking. Always active.
Regenerate 1 life point/ turn. Always active.
Iron Muscles
Natural AV of 5. Always active.
Increased Strength
+3 Strength (+12 life, +9 endurance). Assume Aspect.
Enhanced Dexterity
+2 Dexterity (+4 speed, +2 initiative). Assume Aspect.
Fleetness of Foot
+5 Speed. Assume Aspect.
Bounding Leap
(1 yard high/5 yard long per)*(Str + simple Dex check). 5 Essence
Feat of Glory
Do crazy actions with various Essence cost


Charisma -- 1 level up
Added to any task when trying to influence other people.
Allows the of supernatural powers. Greatly increases the ability to perceive the supernatural.
Primal Human
Allows access to primal powers.
Hard to Kill -- 2 levels
+6 life points, +2 to survival tests
Increased Essence Pool -- 2 points (10 essence)
Influence (Law Enforcement) -- 2 level
Bonus to social skills with this group, including Pulling Strings.
Resources -- 2 levels up
Well-off. $180k in property. $6k/month pre-tax.
Double Identity
Marcus Lintel: Machine Salesman and Distributer

Feat of Glory

Eliminate Range Modifiers (3)
Unlikely Feat (4)
Hit multiple targets with single attack (3 per target)
-2 damage per subsequent hit
Extraordinary Feat (15)

Special Possessions

  • Ugliest 1992 blinged out Geo Tracker in existence. Image
  • House on edge of Shadyside
  • Locket with picture of mother inside
  • Apple II-GS (No idea how it works)
  • Shotgun
  • Fetish-Cestus (Family heirloom)
  • Collection of old vinyls